Sunday, September 6, 2015

The thing with the Duggars.

People have been in an uproar about the recent scandal involving Josh Duggar.  To catch you up this would be the alleged molestations, Ashley Madison account and I heard something about a prostitute?

Actually, most people have forgot about that since we now have Kim Davis and the social media news engine is as flighty as shit.  

Anyway, let's talk about Josh Duggar.  Actually no, what I want to say is that the Josh Duggar situation is not really about him, but systemic issues within the fundamentalist worldview.  This is something I felt since the first time I saw the reports.  I wasn't shocked or surprised, it made sense to me that this is a likely result of someone living in this repressive culture.  When you are uneducated, given few life options (you must get married, you must have kids), and sexually repressed, it's no wonder.  I honestly think the worst thing someone can take away from this situation thinking is that 'it's just one guy'.  Sure, not all fundamentalist christians are capable of this madness, but the culture is doing nothing to prevent it.  Even, major Christian bloggers such as Matt Walsh are coming to his defense.  To me that's a sign that that very few are waking up to this problem.  Though maybe I should be more concerned that I'm using Matt Walsh as a barometer of Christian culture in the first place.    

However, I'm not the only one recognizing this, even if I'm afraid the message is not gaining popularity.  Here, Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism curates some of the key writings on this issue, which is a totally worthwhile read.

I wish I could be so optimistic to think that this scandal might have the potential to shake up the leaders in these groups up in a real way, and get them to re-think their practices and policies.  I think for the leaders they will just dig in deeper, keep victim-blaming and neglect the self-reflection that would yield real change.   Though maybe for those who already had a twinge of doubt this will be the push they need to look further, and examine what it is they really believe in, or be bolder and walk away from an oppressive religion.  I guess I can hope in that.


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