Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm not a writer

I am however, a smartass, and when the time came to determine if we would take ‘HP’ (High Performance) classes in Junior High.... I was doing it!  Okay, so I only wanted to do Math and Science.  For Math, there was a multiple-choice math question test to get in, which I had no trouble with.  For Science, English and Social Studies, there was an essay test for all 3, which I failed.  This was not a fluke, because I re-took this test again in 9th grade... and also failed.  
Luckily for me, my teachers were not idiots and within the first week of 7th grade it was obvious that I did not belong in regular science.  I think I scored 105% on test where the average for the class was 60%... at any rate, I was granted access to HP Science, tests scores not withstanding.  (The re-take in 9th grade was to try to move out of regular Social Studies.)  You might like to say that I’m just a bad test taker and therefore that’s why I did poorly twice on said writing exams, but I can assure it’s the writing that’s the issue.  I know this because I was an excellent test taker on almost every other subject, often fairing better than expected or deserved.  
In college I majored in Engineering, and then later Math as well, which makes me sounds smart, but I’m pretty sure I was avoiding writing.   
So I thought I’d start a blog anyway.  

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