Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Not yet 40

I've got over 8 years before I'm 40, but a friend of mine shared this list of facebook of things to do before you are (Sourcing The LIST!).   She seemed to think I was well on my way, so let's evaluate. Also, I tend to think these things are a little silly, and I'm treating it much the same way here!   

1. Fall in love.
Well, I don't really think love is something you fall into, but have I had the whirlwind romance experience and did it mature into some I care about deeply and hope to spend my life with... ?  Yes, I did, and yeah, I'm super fortunate.  
2. Get her heart broken.
Oh yeah, that too.  
3. Find a gyno that doesn’t make her feel like a seventh-grader in sex ed.
Growing up fundamentalist, I skipped sex ed in 7th grade, so really, I have no idea.  
4. Take a solo vacation.
I've gone to places alone, but when I got there I was a part of a group... or visiting someone.  
5. Skinny-dip.
I haven't and I don't honestly know what's in the way of that happening.  I did change in the Y bathroom without holding a up a towel... so that was a step in the right direction.   
6. Try a short haircut (it’s OK if “short” means shoulder-length).
My senior year of highschool... and DONE! 
7. Cook Thanksgiving dinner.
I know all the dishes now, but I've never done them all together by myself.  

8. Perform karaoke.

9. Read Jane Austen.
ehh.. I've tried.  

10. Own a dress she feels stunning in.
Many!  ... Because I always feel stunning, but seriously I have this purple one.  

11. Own a handbag she’s proud to bring to a job interview.
I did recently upgrade my 10 year-old laptop bag, because I began to realize it wasn't super professional.  That said... was I not proud before? Gawd-damnit! I'm proud that bag lasted so long! 
12. Own a toiletries bag that’s more than a Ziploc sack streaked with sunscreen.
yes!  (and honestly, way too many!)
13. Understand her color palette.
Not knowing if there's anything more to understand beyond, I'm pretty Scandinavian but tan well, but I have no confusion there... so DONE! 
14. Have a stance on organized religion.
so so so so DONE! 
15. Have an orgasm. 
Let's just say I'm happily married.  ;) 

16. Operate a power drill.
... and own.  

17. Ride a roller-coaster.
Now I'm sad for everyone who hasn't done this.  

18. Ride a motorcycle (yes, on the back, going six miles an hour counts).
yes... but I'm currently a bit phobic.

19. Sleep outside, in a tent.
Every summer! 

20. Make a presentation in front of 20 people or more.
That is my job.  

21. Tell off a stranger.
maybe... certainly a telemarketer.  

22. Apologize to a stranger.
I've apologized to everyone.  It's a way of life.  

23. Accidentally send an email to the wrong person and then realize that life goes on
Probably, certainly I've made worse mistakes, and came to the same conclusion.  

24. Learn how to knit.

25. Forget how to knit.
not yet... but I've got 8 years! 

26. Decide she’s comfortable with her crafting skills, whatever they may be.
Skills yes, projection completion, maybe not.  

27. Host a dinner party.

28. Know how to order a bottle of wine.
Very comfortable here.  

29. Do something big and selfless for the planet or the people living on it. 
I try... 
30. Vote for a winning president.
Twice!   I also have the distinction of voting for three different parties.  

31. Play the lottery.
yes *sigh* silly math major.  

32. Negotiate a raise.
I've spent the last 7 years working as a part of a union... and it has done that.  so yes! 

33. Start a 401(k).
As in enrolled, but no, I have yet to start a large tax shielded long-term investment fund.  
34. Tell her mother/grandmother/favorite lady mentor just how influential she’s been.
...that's a lot of emoting, but certainly a nice idea.    

35. Help a friend through a difficult time.
I hope so... 
36. Accept a friend’s help during a difficult time.
37. Figure out how to make a house a home.
I got a husband for that!  
38. Grow something green.
See 37.  
39. Salvage something broken.
If by salvage, you mean use, then yes! 
40. Dance like no one’s watching (bonus points if it’s the moonwalk).
Yes, and also, no one was watching.  

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